Sunday, January 8, 2012

»Lightheaded but not woolly

Lightheaded but not woolly

I was going to do a quantum physics piece on how couples expand to fit the available footpath space. Then I thought someone might decide I wrote it not because it amuses Ms R that a+b is not ab but 4ab, but for some Other Reason.

Since I am lightheaded I decided to stop thinking about it. It could be the effect of one or two or even three men but if any of them are reading it isn't you. I have an iron deficiency and am therefore temporarily operating at something like high altitude. Meanwhile I have been doing my website.

The fact that the UK is closed for business is irrelevant as it's nice to think "Oh yeah, that's what I do." I will be blogging about writing on there if that interests you. Since I've done it for 25 years I have things I feel strongly about. As you'll see it's me so if you've ever wondered if there is a disconnect between the blog persona and the real one you'll see there's very little.
Except obviously I wouldn't appear in my underwear on my website, though if business gets tough I'll use every advantage I have.